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Brighter Futures Incorporated, inspires you to build tomorrow today!

Brighter Futures is a multifaceted academic consultant company.

About Us

CEO's Melvin Lars & Dr. Sweetie Lars

CEO's Melvin & Dr. Sweettie Lars

Brighter Futures Inc., customizes its services to meet your specific academic interest and needs. We embrace  and employ the analogy that ONE  sizes does not fit ALL.


We diligently and purposefully engage the entire academic community expressly facilitating each facet of the buildings and districts School Improvement Plans (SIP).

The power of one is the empowerment of many!

Here at Brighter Futures Incorporated we believe that all educators are priceless and that they fully understand and feel as we do;  preparing our youth to successfully, navigate this universe and to execute with precision; "It's not about us, however; given the proper attitude it will be because of us."

Who are we

 At Brighter Futures, we believe that  there are ways for society to join forces in order to help kids grow up  feeling safe and strong. We believe that schools and organizations that  have limited resources can succeed if they receive quality consultation,  thorough training, innovative curricula and resources that are  customized to fit their needs.  Our work is designed to reflect the  reality of schools and organizations of today.  All consultation will  reflect the most current research that is available.


Brighter  Futures trains educators in the areas of safety, diversity,  multiculturalism and violence prevention within traditional subject  areas. We ensure that administrators and faculty have the best  information available on curricula and programs related to bullying,  discrimination, harassment and education. We help schools overcome  curricular and programmatic issues by introducing strategies and  resources that can be easily incorporated into the regular school  climate. 


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Members of our Positive Posse

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